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Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Existence of Ghosts

[TST enters the class like a ghost with sounds of horror including Thriller and Dance E-Jay effects which are made by TST ]

Do you believe in ghosts?

[TST’s voice echos: Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe in ghosts?……………..]

Yes? Do you believe in ghosts?

[Some of class members say “Yes”, some of them say “No”]

Of course, everybody believes in ghosts. However, it is a taboo for people. Especially in our country.

[TST plays The Righteous Brothers’ Unchained Melody and shows a slight while two students are dancing.]

There are many ghost books such as Stephen King’s Ghosts, cartoons like Casper, TV series like Ruhsar, music videos such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Anastacia’s “You’ll Never Be Alone” and lots of movies like Ghostbusters, Demi Moore’s Ghost. People especially interested in Ghost movies. Can you give me more examples of Ghost movies, my friends?

[MR. Toy says “I last watched The Others”, Yusuf says “The Sixth Sense” and Yunus says “Ruhsar” again]

Thank you very much. However, my topic is not about imagination ghosts. My real topic is the existence of ghosts. I mean about the real ghosts which can be everywhere.


A three word question. What are ghosts? It sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! Many people have contemplated the idea as to what ghosts actually are. Some will say that they are our imagination. Some will say they are guardian Angels. While others will say that they are the work of the Devil and are demonic in origin.
In theory, ghosts are the remnants of what was once a human being. Someone, who at one time, had substance on this earth. They are everything that we, as living creatures, are........but without the vehicle we call the human body. They exhibit all the mental attributes that you and I have such as thought, conscience, emotions and emotional needs, morals, calculation, ego, personality and everything that makes up the human psyche.
Life is energy. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Science fact is that energy can only change forms. The energy that makes up our being, where does it go when we die? It must transform into something else, but what? My suggestion is that ghosts are the what, our life energy. When we die, we are still ourselves. Our life energy still exists, only it cannot reside in a body that no longer functions. Just because we do not understand this immeasurable form of energy does not mean we should deny its existence.
It is strictly belief that people move on to some other destination upon death. This is something we cannot confirm or deny. However, through research, investigation and experience, we have come to know that there are instances involving phenomena that we cannot otherwise explain as being natural. Many of those instances have incorporated a demonstration of intellect, calculation and freedom of will behind the experienced phenomena. It is through research and perseverance, we can only hope to gain a better understanding.


Ghosts have no physical boundaries. Logically, they can be anywhere. Usually, the theoretical reason they remain behind closely associates with where they can be found.
Places of tragedy can be a good lead for investigation. Ghosts sometimes remain in the areas in which they died. They have also been known to reenact their own deaths from time to time. Some ghost hunters have dubbed these residual hauntings. An event so tragic that it is forever burned into time and place, repeating the event over and over like a movie, without the presence of an actual spirit. (I do find this theory a hard pill to swallow, but I will retain an open mind.) I do believe that reenactments happen, but I find it difficult to accept that such an event is forever "burned" into the atmosphere. I am inclined to believe that a ghost is responsible.
When I was researching about ghosts, I found many photos of real ghost photos. The photos were taken by living people. After printing the photos, they noticed that there were strange things which weren’t in the place where the photos were taken. I want to show few examples to you.

[TST shows examples about the photos]

I feel that some of you still didn’t believe the photos. I have got an original proof. Not from the internet… From our class. Aslı found a photo in İzmir. Could you please tell about this photo, Aslı?

ASLI SAĞLAM: In my grandmother’s house, I was looking at old photos. Suddenly I found a very old black&white photo which belongs to my grandfather. In the photo, there was my grandfather and his soldier friends. And also there was a white man. The ghost was running.

Thank you very much. Most of you trust Aslı, don’t you?

In order to understand ghosts and their behavior, you must evaluate them from a human perspective. Why? Ghosts were living people once, just as you and I are. As spirits of the dead, they exhibit human emotions and thought. They are bound by the morals instilled in them by their parents when they were alive.

When a ghost is active, it is merely seeking attention or recognition. Imagine for a moment that you are a ghost. You can see and hear people around you, but you cannot interact with them, or anyone. The frustration you would be feeling from this isolation is overwhelming. In fact, so overwhelming, that you would actually find ways to do something about it. What may seem as playful ghostly pranks, some being quite startling, are used to draw the attention and acknowledgement needed by human emotions.

Yes, there are ghosts with bad intentions. Don't let that scare you. World wide, criminals account for little more than 3% of the general population. Because ghosts were people once, the same statistic should hold true for ghosts, greatly reducing the likelihood of a bad experience.
Yusuf showed you a helicopter, Arzu offered you chocolates, Feyza offered you teas, Burçak offered you vegetables and fruits. So I’ll have to show you a ghost.
[TST again wears the ghost costume. Ray Parker Jr.’s Ghostbusters is played and imagination ghostbuster shows a toy gun to TST and TST escapes from the class by saying “Oh, a ghostbuster!”]

LESSON: Diplomatic Writing and Speaking Skills 2
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